July 2017 Highlights: The Highs + Lows

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Planning a Trip to the Florida Keys

I was home for the majority of this month—I was only away four nights out of the past 31, which has got to be some sort of record for me—and yet, how do I feel as behind as ever? Probably because I took full days at a time off from work (even, gasp, a Saturday a time or two!), which felt glorious and was much-needed. Regardless, this week will be a hustle to both catch up and get ahead of the curve as I prepare for another busy travel month in August to New Orleans, New York and Oklahoma City.

July’s breakdown looked a little something like this:


An epic blog party with so many of my closest friends. My blog turns 10 tomorrow, you guys—squeeee! be sure you check back in as I have one HUGE giveaway planned—and as such, I had 50 of my favorite people over this past weekend to celebrate. I’m still on Cloud Nine thinking of all the love that surrounded me on Saturday (and, well, every day truth be told).

Planning a Luau-Themed Birthday Party

We went to the Florida Keys for a project. And it was a blast! Diving, key lime pie sampling, paddleboarding—it was all so much fun. If you want to win a similar trip to ours, there’s still time. Somehow we managed to, once again, not get a single shot of us other than this sunset silhouette.

Planning a Trip to the Florida Keys

I got to write another piece about Nashville. Make that three Music City features this month, actually, but my “What’s So Great About Nashville?” article for Hertz was really fun to write—and is a good piece to reference if you’re traveling to Nashville anytime in the near future. Likewise, my story about the Tennessee Whiskey Trail is up on the state site if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

I had a visitor! My long-time friend from this blog, Briel, came to Nashville for her birthday weekend (which happens also to be SVV’s birthday weekend), and as he was away in California for 10 days, she took his spot adventuring with me. We had a lovely time exploring some of Tennessee’s waterfalls then catching some epic fireworks.

Best Hikes in Middle Tennessee

We got a drone! Well, rather, SVV got a drone (from me, for his birthday). In typical SVV fashion, he’s been reading up on the mechanics of flying the DJI Phantom 4 Pro before we take it on a trip at the end of next month. I can’t wait to add aerial photography to our arsenal of skills!

The littlest cousins stayed with us for a weekend. They were in my neck of the woods for two weeks but only stayed at my house the final weekend. And we continued the summer adventuring, of course!

Best Waterfalls in Middle Tennessee

I photographed two community events. The great thing about actually being home is getting to be more of a part of the community in which I live. I loved taking snaps at a boutique’s birthday party as well as the downtown square’s Girls Night Out.

Setting Up a Photo Booth

We accomplished a lot around the house in preparation for my blog party. More house updates around the corner, I promise! Or follow them in real time via my Instagram Stories.


A busted water heater AND a broken MacBook in the same month. When I took my MacBook in for Apple to fix a known issue (meaning, warranty covers it, no cost on my part … or so I thought), I wasn’t expecting for the Genius Bar to keep it 15 days and figure out a way to charge me $400 for the trouble. At the same time, our water heater also went out and cost, literally, thousands of dollars to replace. Luckily, SVV traded painting services with our friend who used to be a plumber, so we didn’t also have to pay for labor. All that wouldn’t be such a big blow if it didn’t come simultaneously with us owing additional $$$ for our 2016 taxes, having to pay our quarterly taxes for this year and preparing to invest quite a lot in additional house improvements. Oof. That actual vacation we had planned for this fall is likely not happening until next summer (at the earliest) as a result.

A systemic anaphylactic reaction to my allergy shots. You read that right: I had a full-blown reaction to my shots, the stuff I routinely inject into my body every week in hopes that one day I’ll actually feel better. When I left the allergist’s office, I was devoid of all welts, which seemed odd as I usually develop a lump the size of a grapefruit on each tricep shortly after leaving. Well, that night I didn’t get said lump because my entire body was one big hive from my scalp to the backs of my knees, and my body was on fire; I didn’t take my temperature, but it must have been well over 100. I avoided a trip to the ER, but I now have four EpiPens for future emergencies. This was a terrifying night for both SVV and me, and I never want to go through it again.

What kept you going this muggy July?

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